28/03/24Basis of reporting and recalculation policyDownload PDF 163 KB
25/03/24Annual Report 2023Download PDF 15.3MB
25/03/24Annual Report Supplement 2023Download PDF 1.4MB
10/07/23Helios Towers PLC Scopes 1 and 2 Assurance Statement 2022Download PDF 67KB
10/07/23Helios Towers PLC Scope 3 Cat 3 Assurance Statement 2022Download PDF 1.8MB
27/03/23Annual Report 2022Download PDF 8.4MB
27/03/23Annual Report Supplement 2022Download PDF 1.59MB
21/03/22Sustainable Business Report 2021Download PDF 4.7MB
25/11/21Carbon Reduction Roadmap 2021Download PDF 457KB
23/03/21Sustainable Business Report 2020Download PDF 10.4MB
19/11/20Sustainable Business Strategy PresentationDownload PDF 4.2MB
31/10/20Supporting the UN Sustainable Development GoalsDownload PDF 1.6MB
30/09/20Sustainable Business Strategy Summary ReportDownload PDF 3.3MB