Why invest in Helios Towers?

Helios Towers offers investors a unique combination of growth and quality. We operate a geographically diverse suite of telecommunications towers, with a highly visible base of contracted revenues from blue-chip mobile operators, and hold leading market positions in the world’s fastest growing mobile markets.

Uniquely positioned telecoms infrastructure platform

We are a leading mobile telecommunications infrastructure company, uniquely positioned to capture the growth in mobile communications across our sole region of focus, Africa and the Middle East.

We have leading positions in seven of our nine markets, have strong customer diversification and a well-invested platform and clearly defined strategy to drive growth and returns over the coming years.

Unparalleled structural growth

Africa and the Middle East is the fastest growing region for mobile globally, driven by low mobile penetration today and huge population growth. In fact, by the end of this century the region will be the most populous globally, outpacing Asia with the rest of the world seeing fairly flat population levels.

Accordingly, over the next five years it is forecast there will be 85 million mobile connections in our markets of operation. The infrastructure requirements to support this growth is huge – more than 32,000 additional Points of Service forecast.

At the same time there remains huge inorganic potential, with 260,000 towers still held by mobile network operators. It resembles Europe 5–10 years ago and the US 15–20 years ago, and we are well established as a leading operator in the region.

Proven execution capability in complex markets

Operating towers in Africa and the Middle East is different to the rest of the world. Mobile operators look to partner with towercos that have proven operational capabilities in terms of effective maintenance and the highest levels of power uptime.

We have talented local workforces in each of our markets market and Lean Six Sigma principles are embedded throughout the Group, to help our people and our business reach its full potential.

We have a focus on Business Excellence and deliver best-in-class customer service. We have already achieved 99.98% of power uptime in 2023, representing one minute downtime per tower per week, with further targets to lower downtime per tower per week to below 30 seconds by 2026.

Robust business model delivering high-quality earnings and cash flows

We have built a business that delivers high-quality earnings. Around 70% of our EBITDA is hard currency, and we have a diverse set of investment grade or near-investment grade customers. The maximum single customer exposure stands at 27% and 98% of our revenues come from blue-chip MNO customers. We’re also the most geographically diverse towerco across the Africa and Middle East region.

Combining these factors, along with a US towerco-style contract structure (minimal cancellation rights, long-term, embedded CPI and power escalators) means that we have a highly visible base of earnings upon which we can layer the organic and inorganic growth opportunities.

Sustainable business driving impact

Our infrastructure-sharing model is innately sustainable and we play a pivotal role in enabling connectivity and contributing to social and economic development in Africa and the Middle East.

We aim to create further value for our stakeholders through our Sustainable Business Strategy aiming to promote digital inclusion, develop local, diverse talented teams and reducing our environmental impact. Our business is all about driving real impact and real returns.

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