Helios Towers is a growing organisation made up of diverse, multicultural talent from around the world, which is the pride of our business.

Our mission, purpose and values underpin our drive to foster a culture that is inclusive with a focus on growing local talent, with employee representation from all ethnicities, genders, ages, religions and disabilities.

Additionally, our gender diversity target is to bridge the gender gap and raise our female representation to at least 30% of our workforce.

We strive to both employ and retain the best talent wherever they may be. Helios Towers is an industry leader for talent development; investing heavily in its people to grow capability and unleash their potential for many of the opportunities we offer.

We are led by our values of Partnership, Integrity and Excellence coupled with a strong culture of sustainability; to ensure that communities and local people are supported in our markets of operation.

We welcome you to join our growing community of Helios Towers colleagues and take your career to the next level…