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Tanzania overview

Tanzania is one of Africa’s most dynamic economies.

  • Tanzania was one of the fastest-growing economies in the world in 2018, with 7% GDP growth.
  • Helios Towers entered Tanzania in 2011 and we have grown our tower portfolio through a mix of build-to-suits and sale & leaseback transactions
  • In the most competitive telecoms market in Africa, HT is delivering major efficiencies to customers – such as reducing site visits to one per month while maintaining service quality 
  • Smarter power solutions include a significant investment in solar technology

Our customers

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HT Q3 2019 KPIs


3,637 sites     7,971 Tenants      2.19x Tenancy Ratio


99.99% Average weekly uptime (2018)


64% Market Share (2018)


Tanzania 2018 KPIs


59m Population 2018  7% GDP Growth  


9% Mobile Subscription Growth        


40% Mobile Penetration   44m Mobile Subscriptions

Source: IMF. Hardiman Report, 2019.


Philippe Loridon Chief Executive Officer HTT. HTD and HTCB
Ramsey Koola Managing Director HTT
Gwakisa Stadi Finance Director
Eleanor Ngalo Legal Manager
Victor Zakayo Sales & Marketing Director
 Jean Milliken Head of Human Resources
Amani Keenja Head of Projects
Jaffary Kiama Head of Operations & Maintenance
Rajab Kondo Head of NOC
Mercy Lyimo SHEQ Manager
Baraka Andrew Head of Supply Chain
Mitesh Barai Director Business Support


Creating a partnership with our partners

The opportunity

NEWL provides maintenance support for 965 of our sites in Tanzania, and has worked with Helios towers for four years.

Site visits were high due to a lack of coordinated activity and to issues not being fully closed out. There were instances of overresourcing in some areas, as well as a sense of ‘police & culprit’ rather than a joint effort, resulting in a lack of transparency.

The Six Sigma solution

Working closely with NEWL, we implemented our ‘One Team One Business’ approach, fundamentally shifting the culture to one of a joint enterprise. This was reinforced by moving four HT staff into NEWL’s offices, immediately boosting interaction and decisionmaking. Our people also attend daily Visual (i.e. face to face) Management meetings, where decisions, commitments and results are given on the spot.

We also sponsored Six Sigma training for selected NEWL staff, and introduced 1SVM (one site visit per month), enabled by the close synchronisation of planning and resource from both partners.


  • A major reduction in required site visits from 3.0 per month to 1.2
  • Significant attendant savings in time, mileage and opex, particularly in fuel (reduction of fuel used on site visits by 40%)
  • A 90% reduction in downtime penalties payable to HT, and therefore a significant improvement in rebates due to our end customer
  • The average downtime of sites maintained by NEWL reduced by 54%
  • Greater effectiveness of preventative maintenance, audited jointly by HT and NEWL
  • Safety: closer coordination between our respective SHEQ departments, leading to cleaner, more environmentally compliant sites, with safer working conditions.


Regional Contact - Tanzania

Tel: +255 768 985 300

Address: Helios Towers Tanzania, 251 Toure Drive, Oysterbay, P.O. Box 7495, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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