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Tanzania overview

In 2019, Tanzania was one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and Dar es Salaam is forecast by the UN (to 2035) to be the second fastest-growing city globally.

Strong macro and demographic trends in Tanzania are expected to continue to drive demand for mobile and telecommunications infrastructure. The population is forecast to exceed 67 million by2024, adding 9 million, and 70% of citizens are under 30.

Tanzania has experienced strong mobile subscription growth of 9.2% CAGR between 2011 and 2018, and independent forecasts expect a further 4.9% CAGR to 2024(1).

Over the last few years, the Government has directed a number of regulatory initiatives designed to promote investment in ICT, broadband infrastructure and network service quality.

There are four active mobile operators, with the long-established players of Vodacom, Tigo and Airtel joined by Halotel in 2015. MNOs continue to see potential and to invest, with 4G spectrum auctions in 2018 likely to drive the need for more PoS.

Helios Towers is the sole independent towerco and has 64% market share. We entered the market in 2011 and have completed four tower transactions. Build-to-suits comprise roughly a third of our tower sites in the country. Our sites are also well positioned with 54% in urban areas and 72% in unique positions.

Our customers

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HT Q3 2020 KPIs


3,772 sites  8,236 Tenants  2.18x Tenancy Ratio


Philippe Loridon CEO East & West Africa
Ramsey Koola Managing Director HTT
Gwakisa Stadi Finance Director
Herieth Koka Head of Sales and Marketing
Jean Milliken Head of Human Resources
Amani Keenja Head of Projects
Jaffary Kiama Head of Operations & Maintenance
Mercy Lyimo SHEQ Manager
Baraka Andrew Head of Supply Chain
Michaela Marandu Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs
Frank Noel Head of Performance Engineering
Togani Ngotta Contracts Manager

Regional Contact - Tanzania

Tel: +255 768 985 300

Address: Helios Towers Tanzania, 251 Toure Drive, Oysterbay, P.O. Box 7495, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
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