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Ghana overview

A developed mobile market, with high smartphone penetration driving demand for data and enhanced services.

  • Ghana was one of the fastest-growing economies in the world in 2018, with 6% GDP growth.
  • Helios Towers has a strong urban footprint, providing coverage where it is needed most
  • Nascent 3G and 4G networks are being rolled out by carriers
  • HT’s local management is building on our strength in urban settings with further innovations

Our customers

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HT Q3 2019 KPIs


950 sites   1,788 Tenants   1.88x Tenancy Ratio


99.99% Average weekly uptime (2018)   


21% Market Share (2018)


Ghana 2018 KPIs


30m Population 2018   6% GDP Growth  


9% Mobile Subscription Growth        


54% Mobile Penetration   39m Mobile Subscriptions

Source: IMF. Hardiman Report, 2019


Jeffrey Schumacher Chief Executive Officer HTSA and HTG
Fritz Dzeklo Managing Director
David Dzigba Finance Director
Barbara Martinson Head of Legal and Regulatory
Eugenia Boafo Head of Human Resources
Anita Sackey-Clarke Project Director
Enoch Kweku Annan Network Operations Director
Theophilus Odai Sales & Marketing Director

Reducing site grid disconnections

The opportunity

Diesel-fuelled power generation is much more expensive than drawing power from the grid. However, at Helios Towers Ghana, sites had been consuming unnecessary fuel because they were being disconnected from the grid. This was caused by maintenance partners failing to top up prepayment meters and ensuring the grid supply. In turn, this was impacting on the operational expenses for these sites.

The Six Sigma solution

We analysed the causes for the disconnections, and measured payment times to understand if the process was in control. We then mapped the current state of the process to identify and evaluate waste, and prioritised the actions needed.

The project took three months from defining the problem to implementing the improvement.


In the period from December 2016 to September 2017:

  • 85,000 generator hours saved annually for 12 sites

  • US$70,000 saved in fuel costs annually for 12 sites



Regional Contact - Ghana

Tel: +233 242 435581

Address: HTG Managed Services Limited, 31 Akosombo Road, Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana
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