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Ghana overview

One of our most mature markets, Ghana already boasts 55% mobile penetration of its 30 million population, as well as regionally high smartphone ownership driving increased demand for mobile data.

Between 2012 and 2018 Ghana saw mobile subscription CAGR of 7.0%, with independent forecasts suggesting this will ease to 2.3% CAGR to 2024.

Network expansion is supported by governmentled initiatives such as the rural telephony project, designed to accelerate mobile penetration in the country and should, in turn, drive organic growth for our business.

The merger of Airtel and Tigo in 2017 has resulted in some network consolidation. Longer-term, the merger is expected to catalyse network investment by all operators as competition intensifies, creating further growth opportunities for our business.

The market now supports three main mobile players, with the other two being MTN and Vodafone, both of whom have received 4G licences to drive network investment in new PoS.

Helios Towers is one of two independent players in the competitive towerco market, following this year’s merger of American Tower and Eaton Towers, with 21% market share. We entered the market in 2010 with the acquisition of Millicom’s sites and have been adding meaningful volumes of build-to-suit sites in the last few years. Helios Towers’ sites are well positioned with 79% in urban areas and 59% uniquely positioned.

Our customers

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HT Q3 2020 KPIs


973 sites  1,900 Tenants  1.95x Tenancy Ratio



Philippe Loridon CEO East & West Africa
Fritz Dzeklo Managing Director
David Dzigba Finance Director
Barbara Martinson Head of Legal and Regulatory
Eugenia Boafo Head of Human Resources
Anita Sackey-Clarke Project Director
Benedictus Nuworbor Network Operations Director
Joyce Aba Mensah Head of Performance Engineering

Regional Contact - Ghana

Tel: +233 242 435581

Address: HTG Managed Services Limited, 31 Akosombo Road, Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana
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