Engaging with our stakeholders

‘Partnership’ is one of our core values, and this characterises our relationships and interactions with all our varied stakeholders.

We work with our communities in the careful siting and operation of our towers, and their cooperation enables us to bring the myriad of benefits of mobile into their daily lives.

Many of these local people will also work with us, and together we benefit from the significant investment we make in training and personal development. In 2020 we introduced employee engagement surveys and provided feedback from our employees to the Board.

As a significant consumer of fuel, we make available a report into our greenhouse gas emissions and are focusing on reducing them wherever we can.

We have formed close ties with our customers and engage with them through dedicated account managers at local level, supported by customer-specific project managers and senior management. In the case of our maintenance partners, we even embed our own staff in their offices, to optimise communication and foster a ‘one team’ ethos.

We also have multiple channels of communication for our investors and shareholders, ranging from our regular reporting and investor roadshows to conferences, capital markets days and ad hoc meetings and calls.

Section 172 provides information on how the Directors have engaged with the Company’s key stakeholders to help inform the Board’s decision-making.


Why is it important to engage?

Our employees are a key asset of the business. We nurture and invest in our people to give them the tools to be effective and the opportunities to grow within the business. By doing this we ensure we retain an engaged, happy, productive and efficient workforce.

How we engage

  • Training and education programmes
  • Town hall and other employee meetings
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Performance reviews and career conversations
  • Group intranet of newsletters
  • Volunteering programmes
  • Code of ethics
  • Social events
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Community and Environment

Why is it important to engage?

Our business is part of the communications supply chain that breathes economic and social life into the local communities it serves. We want to ensure that the communities we help to serve maximise all the benefits of the vital services made available to them, in the most sustainable way, and with minimal environmental impact.

How we engage

  • Partnership in community programmes
  • Group initiatives such as “Power to the people”. (A project where we delivered solar powered street lighting and USB ports to communities in Tanzania and DRC)
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Why is it important to engage?

Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. Our customers choose us to accelerate their growth ambitions and to lower their costs of delivering crucial services. Regular engagement is vital for speed and efficiency of service and therefore critical to our customers; and in turn, our performance drives theirs.

How we engage

  • Regular meetings and communication
  • Customer surveys
  • Conferences
  • Involvement in industry partnership programmes and industry groups
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Supplier Partners

Why is it important to engage?

To ensure our supplier relationships are true partnerships takes time and effort by both parties to bring about successful collaborations. We streamline our supplier base so that we can focus on, and invest in, a select few, developing true partnerships that create value. The development of sustainable long-term relationships is necessary to build and maintain assets that need to last for decades.

How we engage

  • Regular meetings and communication
  • Conferences
  • Industry training activities
  • Supplier surveys
  • Third party code of conduct
  • Co-habiting work environments


If you are a manufacturer or supplier and you wish to submit your corporate information to our Supply Chain Management team for consideration for future projects, please follow this link.

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Why is it important to engage?

Investors have provided the business with the capital to invest. Regular engagement with investors is vital to ensure they understand the business model, strategy, opportunities and risks. This will ensure they continue to provide the funding flexibility required for full execution of the strategy, and in turn we will be able to continue to deliver value to their investments.

How we engage

  • Detailed quarterly reporting and annual report
  • RNS announcements, as appropriate
  • AGM and other shareholder meetings
  • Investor roadshows
  • Investor and industry conferences
  • Capital markets days
  • Calls and meetings
  • Sell side equity research analysts engagement
  • Investor relations website
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Whether you choose tower sharing or B2S, you get an on-air experience that is as efficient, and effortless for you, as possible.

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