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True Partnership

Helios Towers believes in true partnership. Ensuring we fully understand what matters most to our partners is essential to build long lasting and sustainable relationships that allow us to grow together.

Joint Success

Partnerships require time and effort by both parties to bring about the best results. Helios Towers prides itself in putting in the hard work required to ensure successful collaborations. Indeed, we invest in providing training for our partners where needed to ensure we succeed together.

Long-Term Relationships

Building infrastructure is about building assets that will be around for decades, not just years. This approach requires long-term vision and continuous investment in all our relationships, to ensure that we can build and maintain these critical assets.


Supplying the best

We work with Africa’s biggest investors in the digital telecoms space. Our customers choose Helios Towers to accelerate their growth ambitions and lower the cost of delivering crucial services.

supporting each other

Speed of service is critical to our customers and, in turn, our performance drives theirs. Through direct engagement, establishing long-term partnerships and developing shared visions, we are working collectively to change how digital services are delivered to emerging markets.

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Not just a job – a career

Helios Towers is renowned in our industry for retaining top talent and developing our employees. We invest in our people, giving them the tools to solve problems and grow within the business. Our success is highlighted by the fact that over half of our leaders have come from internal promotions.

The power of local knowledge

Helios Towers is focused on creating local workforces who are capable of leading our business where they are needed most – on the ground. We solve issues faster and grow quicker through the power of local knowledge, coupled with best in class problem-solving tools.

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Maintenance partners

One team

If our employees are the beating heart of Helios Towers, our maintenance partners are the arms and legs. Our ability to help address challenges and accelerate the performance of our assets is advanced by an integrated model that drives joint profitability through continuous improvement.

Sharing doesn’t stop at the tower

We love to share; it’s a key principle of our business. We share best practices, systems and technology to drive improvements for all our stakeholders. This ensures a symbiosis that drives product and business performance.

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Selective Partnerships

We streamline our supplier base so that we can focus on and invest in a select few, developing true partnerships that create value. Once in the Helios Towers family, we make sure our suppliers understand us and we understand them so we can meet and exceed our customers’ needs.

Developing joint strategies

Our aim is to continually lower costs, improve performance and deliver excellent customer service. This is brought about through the development of joint, long-term strategies with our suppliers.

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Clear, simple contracts

We work with thousands of landlords across multiple markets, and we do business with each in a simple way. This initiative has brought about one-page contracts that enable landlords to engage with us quickly and transparently, and cement increasingly productive relationships.

Long term agreements

Like every aspect of our business, we and our landlords think many years ahead. We agree sustainable long-term contracts that offer security of income to the landlord and give us the comfort we need to make capital investments with long horizon lines.

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Facilitating a digital world

In order to help deliver wider access to the communities we serve, we look to lower the cost of delivering digital services to our customers. Access to these services is essential to the growth of communities, which in turn drives our own growth.

Responsible development

Our shared infrastructure model drives more development with less resource. This strategy lowers the impact of development as multiple assets are replaced by one shared asset. Coupled with our investment in green technologies such as hybrids and solar, we ensure communities gain access to vital services in the most sustainable way.

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Whether you choose tower sharing or B2S, you get an on-air experience that is as efficient, and effortless for you, as possible.

Who we are

Our values and approach