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Helios Towers has a strong platform for profitable growth, with leading positions in high-growth markets. We’re supported by our extensive asset base, a pioneering excellence and innovation programme, deep and long-term client relationships, high barriers to entry and a favourable regulatory environment.

Market-leading positions

  • Market-leading positions in four out of six African markets.
  • Early market entry allowing for ownership of attractive sites in prime urban areas.
  • Skills in reliable power management and tower planning/deployment.
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Leveraging a favourable African macro environment

  • HT customers are mainly the large MNOs and other telecoms providers, who in turn provide wireless voice and data services to end-consumers and businesses.
  • Africa has clear and compelling population and GDP drivers that are propelling its mobile markets forward and, in turn, demand for HT services.
  • In our markets the UN forecasts population growth of 37 million over the next five years.
  • The combination of Africa’s physical vastness, its lack of fixed line infrastructure, and fast developing economies means that mobile infrastructure is already critical to its societies and economies, with demand expected to continue to grow.

Population growth(1) (%) (2020 – 2026E CAGR)

Strong GDP growth(2) (%) (2020 – 2026E CAGR)

(1) Source: United Nations, World PopulationProspects, June 2019

(2) Source: Fitch Database, accessed March 2021

*Statistics and growth forecasts presented in this section include Senegal, which HT entered in May 2021 following the closing of the FreeSenegal portfolio acquisition.

With unique strengths and positioning to deliver on long term growth opportunities

  • HT have a strong position in all our markets. We are the market leader and sole independent player in Tanzania, DRC, Congo Brazzaville and Senegal.
  • Independent forecasts estimate 56 million new mobile subscriptions (2020 to 2026) in our markets. This is driven by a young and urbanising population, mobile-dominated internet access and digital economies.
  • Independent estimates suggest this will necessitate 24,000 new points of service (PoS) – each being a potential new tenancy for HT.
  • A growing trend of asset divestiture from MNOs represents an opportunity set of c.162,000 towers across the continent.

Mobile penetration(3) (%) (2020)

Mobile subscription growth(4) (%) (2020-2026E)

(3) Source: GSMA Database, accessed February 2021

(4) Source: Hardiman report, March 2021 (HT Markets), Fitch Database (SSA and G7), accessed March 2021

*Statistics and growth forecasts presented in this section include Senegal, which HT entered in May 2021 following the closing of the FreeSenegal portfolio acquisition.

Through multiple activities, building a platform for profitable and sustainable growth

  • Acquire tower portfolios, yielding large long-term contracted revenues.
  • Custom build new tower assets for MNOs (build-to-suit).
  • Promote tower sharing through multiple MNOs on tower sites (colocation), and multiple technologies on tower sites (amendment tenancies); delivering cost benefits to customers and reducing environmental impact.
  • Operate the tower and associated passive infrastructure, providing a full suite of tower-related space, power and operational services. These include:
    • Site preparation and construction;
    • Site management and maintenance;
    • Power management;
    • Security and other services.
  • Additionally, HT is developing ancillary products and services in fibre backhaul, localised small cell and in-building solutions and data centre services; for potential rollout across the Group.

Embedding business excellence in the platform

  • Continually improving operational leverage and performance.
  • High customer service levels.
  • Supply chain optimisation driving efficiencies across the business (“One team, one business”).
  • Realised capex savings through reduction in strategic suppliers.


power uptime across all our towers over 2020


in operating companies are local employees


of employees trained in Lean Six Sigma (Orange or Black belt) by the end of 2020

Using a robust business model, delivering financial strength and sustainable differentiation

  • Contracts are protected against power prices and general inflation.
  • Contracts are long term, with over c.$3.5 billion contracted future revenue with 7.4 years of average remaining life.
  • High quality contracts in hard currencies with multinational MNOs, delivering committed revenues for many years ahead.
  • Sustainable lease rates and stable and visible cash flows with diversified customer base.
  • Balance sheet strength to continue to support investments.
  • Funding and financing options provide flexibility to support long-term growth initiatives.


Contracted revenues


% Adj. EBITDA in USD/EUR pegged

To deliver value for shareholders, sustainably alongside other key stakeholders

  • Through the execution of our strategy we aim to maximise value for our shareholders.
  • Medium-term, HT is looking forward to the potential development of a sustainable dividend distribution policy.
  • In accordance with its values and goals, HT continues to also strive to benefit its customers, partner with suppliers and employees; in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, helping to improve the communities and societies in which it operates.