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Helios Towers has a strong platform for profitable growth, with leading positions in high-growth markets. We’re supported by our extensive asset base, a pioneering excellence and innovation programme, deep and long-term client relationships, high barriers to entry and a favourable regulatory environment.

Market-leading positions

  • Market-leading positions in three out of five African markets.
  • Early market entry allowing for ownership of attractive sites in prime urban areas.
  • Skills in reliable power management and tower planning/deployment.
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Africa’s favourable macro environment

  • Our five markets are projected to grow by 37 million people, to 266 million by 2023. That’s a 3% annual increase, compared to 0% annual growth across the G7.
  • Increasingly urbanised with 26 million people expected to move into cities in our markets by 2023, earning more and consuming more mobile services.
  • In our markets, approximately two-thirds of the population is under 30. This is the demographic that consumes the most data, and creates further opportunity for our customers.

High mobile telecoms infrastructure growth

  • Mobile penetration in our markets is significantly lower than western economies.
  • In our markets, mobile subscriptions are forecast to grow by 48 million, or 6% annually, to 2023.(4)
  • Fixed-line availability is extremely low in most of our markets.

Well positioned for long-term growth

Existing markets

  • Significant adjusted EBITDA growth since 2015 expected to continue through c.12,200 new PoS required by 2023.

New markets

  • Market opportunity, strong balance sheet, management team and customer relationships to support market expansion.


New technologies

  • Opportunity to add adjacent new technologies to increase value to our customers.

EBITDA and EBITDA growth


What we look for:

– Emerging market
– Population of >10m
– 3+ operators
– Stable and/or pegged
– Infrastructure gap
– High subscriber growth
– Low mobile penetration
– Enhanced Group returns

Embedding business excellence

  • Continuously improving operational leverage and performance.
  • Unrivalled customer service.
  • Supply chain optimisation driving efficiencies across the business.
  • Realised capex savings through a reduction in strategic suppliers.

Localised workforce 


in operating companies are local employees

Lean Six Sigma training 


of employees trained by 2018

Weekly improvement in power service delivery


compared to 2017

Robust business model

  • Contracted protection against power and price inflation.
  • Stable and visible cash flows with diversified customer base.
  • Strong balance sheet to support investments.
  • Funding/financing options provide flexibility to support long-term growth initiatives.

Contracted Revenues



% EBITDA in USD/EUR pegged