The following table sets forth certain information, as of 31 December, 2017, with respect to the ownership of the Company’s shares by each person who, according to the Company’s Shareholders Register, owned more than 5% of the Company’s shares:


IFC African Latin American Caribbean Fund, LP 6.11%
Shareholders Percentage directly held
Millicom Holding, B.V. 22.83%
Quantum Strategic Partners, Ltd. 21.80%
Lath Holdings, Ltd 16.40%
ACM Africa Holdings, LP 11.60%
RIT Capital Partners Plc 7.18%

The remaining 14.08% of the Company is owned by minority shareholders, none of which owns more than 5% of the Company’s shares.

Our leading shareholders are financial investors which invested in the Company in 2009, except for Millicom, which invested in the HT Group in 2010 (through a direct investment into Ghana, Tanzania, and DRC subsidiaries of the HT Group).

In 2015, Millicom flipped up its investment in the HT Group, so that its investment was through a direct  shareholding in the Company (with no direct shareholding in a subsidiary of the Company).