A sustainable business strategy to deliver on our purpose

Helios Towers plays an important role in enabling connectivity and contributing to social and economic development in our markets.

The three pillars of our strategy build on our values of Integrity, Partnership and Excellence and will help us to deliver on our purpose of driving the growth of communications in Africa.

Strategy-diagram.jpg Strategy-diagram.jpg; Strategy-diagram.jpg

Business excellence and efficiency

  • Resilience, continuity and innovation for long-term business performance and growth

We will continue to grow our business sustainably and innovate for our customers’ needs, maximising delivery of a continuous network service while minimising our environmental impact.

KPIs and targets 


  • Tenancies
  • Tenancy ratio
  • Tenancy ratio for new BTS
  • Adjusted EBITDA margin
  • Downtime per tower per week
  • Carbon emissions per tenant


  • Achieve an average one-minute weekly downtime per tower by the end of 20251
  • 46% carbon reduction per tenant by 2030
Business-excellence-and-efficiency-icon-ORANGE.jpg Business-excellence-and-efficiency-icon-ORANGE.jpg; Business-excellence-and-efficiency-icon-ORANGE.jpg

Network access and sustainable development

  • Increasing connectivity to improve livelihoods and strengthen economies

We will enable more individuals, communities and organisations to connect to a mobile network, providing access to life-enhancing services and driving economic growth in Africa.

KPIs and targets 


  • Markets
  • Sites
  • Population coverage
  • Rural sites
Network-access-and-sustainable-development-icon-ORANGE.jpg Network-access-and-sustainable-development-icon-ORANGE.jpg; Network-access-and-sustainable-development-icon-ORANGE.jpg

Empowered people and partnerships

  • Building a network for shared success, with safety as a priority for all

We will keep our people and partners safe, supporting them to reach their full potential, and work to the highest ethical, social and environmental standards.  

KPIs and targets 


  • Percentage of local employees in our operating companies
  • Percentage of employees trained in Lean Six Sigma
  • Maintenance partners with ISO 45001 certification


  • All maintenance partners to achieve ISO 45001 certification and 100% in the Helios Towers SHEQ assessment by the end of 20252
  • Assess all key suppliers against sustainability criteria by the end of 2022
Empowered-people-and-partnerships-icon-ORANGE.jpg Empowered-people-and-partnerships-icon-ORANGE.jpg; Empowered-people-and-partnerships-icon-ORANGE.jpg

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1 The Group has five years to achieve this milestone for any new network acquisition

2New Maintenance Partners have three years to achieve ISO 45001 from start of contract with HT.