Helios Towers (HT) owns and operates telecommunications towers and passive infrastructure in five high-growth African markets.

What we do

Our principal business lies in building, acquiring and operating telecommunications towers that are capable of accommodating and powering the needs of multiple tenants.

These tenants are typically large MNOs and other telecommunications providers who in turn provide wireless voice and data services, primarily to end-consumers and businesses.

We also offer comprehensive tower-related operational services, including site selection, site preparation, maintenance, security and power management. We provide space on our tower sites under a combination of master lease agreements (MLAs), which provide the commercial terms that govern the provision of tower space, and individual site agreements (ISAs), which act as an appendix to the relevant MLA and include site-specific information. We also enter into ground lease agreements with property owners to host our sites on their land.


YoY Tenancy growth in Q3 2020


YoY Site growth in Q3 2020


YoY Colocation growth in Q3 2020

Our assets

We are a leading independent telecoms tower company in Africa, and are market leaders in Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo (“DRC”) and Congo Brazzaville ("Congo B"). We are a leading operator in Ghana with a strong urban portfolio and established a presence in South Africa in 2019.







Tenancy ratio

Our customers

Our core business is to provide mobile network operators (MNOs) with tower site space, power and related services for their active network equipment. As our markets have little or no fixed line voice or data infrastructure, the services we provide are essential for the development of communities.

We promote sharing of infrastructure through colocating multiple MNOs on each tower site. This consolidation of assets not only delivers maximum cost benefits to our customers but also reduces the environmental impact for the local populations we serve.

In addition, we construct new assets including ‘build-to-suit’ (BTS) towers, and localised small cell and in-building solutions. These are located in high-potential areas where our customers are looking to expand, due to the continued growth of mobile voice and data communications across our markets.

Right: Contracted Revenue by Customers Pie Chart

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Our people


Our business employs over 400 people directly, and also supports over 7,000 contractor employees who are engaged in the maintenance and security of our tower network.

We appreciate the needs of all our people to receive appropriate help, advice and support throughout their careers with the Group.

By the end of 2019, 45% of our staff had been trained in Lean Six Sigma, which provides essential skills and techniques to eliminate waste and drive efficiencies. Once trained, we encourage our people to manage a new project across HT, reinforcing the Lean mindset while also improving business performance.

We also understand the need to equip our leaders, both new and experienced, with the skills and capabilities to be the best they can be. And this year, with our partners MindGym, we delivered 5 days’ training for our leadership group of around 60.

In 2019, we held courses in London, and at our operating companies in Ghana, Tanzania, and DRC (who were joined by colleagues from Congo Brazzaville).

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Helios Towers is not connected to HTN Towers Nigeria Ltd, and is a separate legal entity.