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At HT we have three overarching values – Integrity, Partnership and Excellence.

From the clear imperatives of our legal responsibilities, to how we act towards people, inside and outside the business, our values guide and govern how we behave each day.


We subscribe to the tenet that integrity is “doing the right thing when no one is looking”.

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Our business has been built on integrity, which is our default position in everything we do and say. We act with openness and transparency, always seeking to do the right thing and never compromising our standards for gain or advantage.

Integrity defines us as human beings and how we interact with colleagues, customers, our partner-suppliers and communities. The Group is an equal opportunities employer and we treat all of our people fairly and with respect, whether they are full time, part time or temporary. We recruit, develop and promote employees on merit, regardless of gender, marital status, race, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, disability, religion, sexual orientation or age.

Integrity also means complying with every applicable law, and creating an environment where everyone is encouraged to speak up if something isn’t right.

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The most fruitful businesses tend to be built on partnerships: where each party respects and benefits from the other. At Helios Towers we therefore invest in partnerships with each of our key stakeholders.


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In many cases, our suppliers become an extension of our own business; in certain cases we share offices and embed our own people, breaking down silos and working in true partnership. We have also streamlined the number of suppliers we use, enabling us to focus better on each, invest in them, and drive up standards to the benefit of us all.

Our own people

We have an entrepreneurial culture that thrives through our people who feel they are partners in a common purpose. We value talent and seek to create not only jobs, but careers. We invest in our people through training focusing on skill development, and by offering competitive rewards.

Occasionally, this includes mobilising suitable candidates within the Group’s companies, helping to retain talent we have developed while offering interesting new assignments in contrasting markets. In 2017, we won two awards from TowerXchange, for our Lean Six Sigma and people development programmes.


Unlike many, we enter into contracts of typically 10-15 years’ duration with our customers. So, unlike client/supplier models characterised by ad hoc transactions or projects, we form partnerships for the long haul. In turn, this means constantly anticipating our customers’ needs, not only now but in years ahead, and never ceasing to drive up service levels and efficiencies. We regard customers as business partners; our futures are interdependent and we are proud of the emphatically positive feedback they communicate to us.

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We never forget that we are in the service industry and our constant goal is to be the best that a customer could choose.

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When our new management came on-board in 2015, excellence was enshrined as one of our values: it was time to match our ability to acquire and build towers with unrivaled service levels, price points and solution-led thinking for our customers.

To accomplish this, we adopted Lean Six Sigma practices, recruiting ‘Black belts’ to bring a fundamental change in our culture through a systematic approach to achieving excellence.


We have trained...


31% of staff

...located mainly on the ground in our operating companies.


We have also provided Six Sigma training to 7 maintenance partners. We have actively partnered with them, sharing their offices, exchanging new concepts and ideas, and moving our own team members into their operations. By making them better businesses, we’re improving our own.

For example, in 2021 we delivered 99.99% power uptime to our customers.

This pursuit of excellence is also driving down both the costs and environmental impacts of the power we generate as well as reducing service visits.