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We own and operate a fleet of over 9,500 towers and other passive infrastructure in Africa, and offer a variety of models to suit our customers’ requirements. Our main customers are multinational MNOs, including the Big-Five African MNOs, as well as high growth challengers.

Our strengths and market opportunities

Financial model

  • Long-term contracts
  • Stable cash flows
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Market context

  • High growth markets with limited infrastructure in place
  • Significant future growth expected
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Our people

  • Localised workforce
  • Highly experienced management team
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Strong relationships

  • With customers and suppliers
  • Best-in-class customer experience
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Innovation and technology

  • Digital solutions
  • Innovative use of renewable power sources
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Our operating platform

Tower space services

 We have an efficient tower-sharing model


Reliable power services

 We provide reliable power sources to tenants


Ancillary services

 We add ancillary services

Driven by our sustainable business strategy

Creating value for our stakeholders

Through our business model and strategy, we want to maximise the value we create for each of our stakeholders.

- Talented localised workforce in each market

- Highly experienced management team

- Training including Lean Six Sigma to support our colleagues to develop personally and professionally Knowledge platform

- More cost effective tower usage: on average, our leases are priced at a substantial discount to an MNO’s total cost of ownership

- We reduce MNOs’ passive infrastructure capex burden, allowing them to focus their resources on active equipment and technology upgrades




*On average we provide a lease rate that is 30% lower than the total cost of ownership for a mobile network operators (MNO). This frees up MNO resources for investment in differentiated propositions and technology upgrades such as 4G.


- Reduced environmental footprint through improved power efficiencies and enabling infrastructure-sharing

- We contribute to building local economies and extending network coverage to reach rural locations

- Integrated partnerships with benefits including training and shared offices

- Aim to maximise value generation through full execution of the strategy

- Potential development of a sustainable dividend distribution policy in the medium term