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Ghana overview

A developed mobile market, with high smartphone penetration driving demand for data and enhanced services.

  • Helios Towers has a strong urban footprint, providing coverage where it is needed most
  • Nascent 3G and 4G networks are being rolled out by carriers
  • HT’s local management is building on our strength in urban settings with further innovations

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Source: World Bank. Hardiman Report, 2016. Includes multiple SIMs


Jeffrey Schumacher Chief Executive Officer
Sean Alborough Managing Director
David Dzigba Financial Director
Barbara Martinson Legal Counsel
Theophilus Odai Head of Sales and Marketing
Eugenia Boafo Head of Human Resources
Anita Sackey-Clarke Project Director
Enoch Kweku Annan Operations Director

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Regional Contact - Ghana

Tel: +233 242 435581

Address: HTG Managed Services Limited, 31 Akosombo Road, Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana
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