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DRC overview

The country’s scale and its mobile-hungry consumers present unique opportunities for mobile infrastructure in DRC.

  • DRC is an under-penetrated market but with a strong demand for telecoms
  • Usage is driving demand for more towers and densification, and HT has formed strong partnerships with the leading MNOs
  • Despite operational challenges in DRC, HT achieves 99.9% average weekly uptime, demonstrating our capabilities
  • Operational focus: even greater efficiencies, and innovations in solar and hybrid power generation

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Source: World Bank. Hardiman Report, 2016. Includes multiple SIMs


Léon-Paul Manya Okitanyenda Chief Executive Officer
Jean-Marie Bambile Finance Director
Jean Marc Openge Okitosomba Head of Legal & Regulatory
Socrates Lumbwe Sales & Marketing Director
Bibiche Nonga Mwamba Human Resources Manager
Colard Nkole Tshiyoyo Project Director
Christian Kiniali Operations Director
Anne Ndoumbe Head of Supply Chain

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Regional Contact - DRC

Tel: +243 890 004 001

Address: Helios Towers DRC, 1st Floor, Tower LE 130, 130B, Avenue Kwango, Gombe, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
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