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DRC overview

The country’s scale and its mobile-hungry consumers present unique opportunities for mobile infrastructure in DRC.

  • DRC is an under-penetrated market but with a strong demand for telecoms
  • Usage is driving demand for more towers and densification, and HT has formed strong partnerships with the leading MNOs
  • Despite operational challenges in DRC, HT achieves 99.9% average weekly uptime, demonstrating our capabilities
  • Operational focus: even greater efficiencies, and innovations in solar and hybrid power generation

Our customers

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HT 2018 KPIs


1,773 sites    3,492 Tenants    1.97x Tenancy Ratio


99.93% Average weekly uptime   


63% Market Share


DRC 2018 KPIs


84m Population 2016   4% GDP Growth  


12% Mobile Subscription Growth        


37% Mobile Penetration   40m Mobile Subscriptions

Source: World Bank. Hardiman Report, 2018. Includes multiple SIMs


Léon-Paul Manya Okitanyenda Chief Executive Officer
Jean-Marie Bambile Finance Director
Jean Marc Openge Okitosomba Head of Legal & Regulatory
Socrates Lumbwe Sales & Marketing Director
Bibiche Nonga Mwamba Human Resources Manager
Colard Nkole Tshiyoyo Project Director
Anne Ndoumbe Head of Supply Chain
Thierry Akpenan Head of Operations & Maintenance

Improving the quality of solar installations

The opportunity

The importance of ‘right first time’ operation was highlighted by the solar upgrade programme of our sites in DRC. In the first tranche of 50 quality assurance (QA) checks on new installations, just over half failed their inspection. On average, this added four days to the delivery.

With a further roll out of 380 sites, of which 249 were deployed in 2017, this failure rate would incur an estimated US$184,000 to repeat the QA and remobilise resource to sites, as well as a further US$37,000 in lost opex savings.

The Six Sigma solution

We established the reasons for non-compliance, and identified the customers, suppliers, measures and performance of the current process.

We evaluated the process to determine the causes for underperformance, established the countermeasures to address our concerns, and measured performance once implementation was complete.

Time was critical here; in order to apply the improvements we identified the next phase of solar installations.


In the period from December 2016 to September 2017:

  • The QA pass rate improved from 46% to 93%
  • For the 380 solar sites to be installed in 2017 and beyond, this equates to a saving of US$160,740 in costs that would have been incurred to remobilise, with an additional US$32,000 opex savings for delivering the sites on time
  • The team is focused on driving up the 93% pass rate, through their lessons-learned review

Regional Contact - DRC

Tel: +243 890 004 001

Address: Helios Towers DRC, 1st Floor, Tower LE 130, 130B, Avenue Kwango, Gombe, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
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