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Congo B overview

Congo B is a high-potential market with strong mobile phone penetration

  • Helios Towers expanded into Congo Brazzaville in 2015 by acquiring Airtel’s tower infrastructure
  • In a short time, HT has delivered excellent uptime levels and service improvements through enhanced maintenance partnerships and upgraded sites
  • Customers will continue to see further technological upgrades and network expansion

Our customers

HTA_Congo_Customers.jpg HTA_Congo_Customers.jpg HTA_Congo_Customers.jpg

HT 2018 KPIs


380 sites    529 Tenants    1.39x Tenancy Ratio


99.94% Average weekly uptime   


49% Market Share


Congo B 2018 KPIs


5m Population 2016   1% GDP Growth  


1% Mobile Subscription Growth        


46% Mobile Penetration   5m Mobile Subscriptions

Source: World Bank. Hardiman Report, 2018. Includes multiple SIMs


Jeffrey Schumacher Chief Executive Officer
Belgacem Chriti Managing Director
Aimeliah Debeka Mfouo Otsially Head of Legal and Regulatory
Steve Lobouaka Head of Sales
Rodrigue Mabiala Project Director
Catherine Nianga Human Resources Manager
Jean Bruno Kondi Supply Chain Manager
Justin Mabanza Financial Controller

Regional Contact - Congo B

Tel: +242 (0) 5679 1515

Address: HTCB, 1st Floor TPI Building, Boulevard Denis Sassou-Nguesso, opposite the SCLOG, Mpila, Brazzaville, Congo
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