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"Helios Towers aims to be a best-in-class tower company, building and operating vital telecommunications infrastructure that empowers people and stimulates growth in emerging markets."

In brief

A leading EM TowerCo

Leadership has been at the core of our business since we executed Africa’s first sale & leaseback in the tower sector. This continues today, both in our market-leading positions in three African countries and in how we do business and drive continuous improvement.

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Targeting growth

We target under-penetrated mobile markets in subscribers and data, and where there is an infrastructure gap. This enables us to be a catalyst in the growth of the digital economy, in partnership with our customers.

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Positioned to deliver

Well positioned in developing countries, we are contributing to the emerging market growth story. This focus enables us to solve our customers’ infrastructure problems, promoting their growth and economic development – and allowing us to deliver growth to our investors.

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Building capability and sustainability

We think long-term: in our contracts with our customers, in investment in our assets but most importantly in our people and partners. Through deploying Lean Six Sigma training, not just  for our own teams but also our suppliers’, we are building a sustainable local ecosystem, staffed by local employees, to support our infrastructure.

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Raising the bar

We do business in the right way. This means not only striving for continuous improvement, but making sure our people and partners put integrity at the heart of everything we do.

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The backbone of growth

Development depends on telecoms

Open access to information drives more learning, more commerce and more sustainable development. With limited or no access to fixed line solutions in the majority of emerging markets, mobile broadband will be pivotal in enabling the developing world to reach its potential.

Mobile needs infrastructure

As developing markets drive the need to source and receive data, so mobile has a growing need for infrastructure. Helios Towers already provides more than 6,500 sites, and stands ready to support the increase in coverage, and depth of services, that ambitious economies require.

Helios Towers is designed to build this backbone

We operate in markets with large infrastructure gaps, and focus on filling them in the most efficient way for our customers.

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Building in partnership


Helios Towers is nothing without our customers and our mutual growth is inextricably linked. We work with the best in telecoms with the aim of meeting their service needs and working together to solve challenges.


Helios Towers provides indirect employment for over 10,000 people. To deliver excellence we need strong, profitable partners. We are unashamedly selective about who we choose, but once on board we invest in our partnerships so that we can eliminate waste and continuously improve our products.


Our most important partnership is with our employees, and our people are passionate about our business. The majority work in their own markets; in fact, over 95% of our teams are local. Our sole aim is to facilitate success from this passion as we invest in education, tools and support to ensure they grow with us.

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Driving excellence

Service excellence

Best in class service means building an ecosystem and ensuring that it improves every day. We have done this through deploying the Lean Six Sigma management tools that first drove the Japanese automotive industry to success in the 1980s. Today, we deploy its principles at Helios Towers to deliver measurable improvements in all our markets.

Delivery excellence

When you’re on our infrastructure, we know that you want your service delivered in the best and fastest way possible. Annually, we manage over 5,000 projects and by deploying Lean Six Sigma tools across our business, we make sure we drive continuous improvement at every turn.


Technology is an enabler of change for Helios Towers – from supplying smartphones to our field partners, to installing solar hybrids to cut diesel dependency at our sites. We also ensure we get the most out of any investment through training and education of our direct and indirect workforce.

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Investing long-term

Focused on sustainability

We build for the long-term. That means building infrastructure to last, building the ecosystems to support it and signing long-term contracts with our customers that enable us to grow together.

Long-term strategy

When we make investments, we are focused on long-term value generation for all our stakeholders. This allows us to build in the right way, invest in our people and deliver value to our surrounding communities.


We understand the impact of facilitating access to the digital world and we are focused on leaving a legacy not only in our infrastructure but with our people and partners.

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Raising the bar

Leadership as a habit

We led the way with the first African tower sale and leaseback, and continue to lead by deploying Lean Six Sigma tools across our local work forces. And we’re just getting started. Even more exciting is the new wave of local leadership talent rising through our ranks.

Change is in our DNA

Technology and innovation are driving an unprecedented pace of change in emerging markets and will create opportunities to match. With our unique platform to deliver continuous improvement, we live and breathe change, which will allow us to lead the way in emerging markets infrastructure.

Moving forward

We have built a robust tower network, supported by a skilled, driven and passionate team. This provides us with a springboard for growth, taking Helios Towers to the next exciting stage of its development.

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Through our values of Partnership, Integrity and Excellence, we develop long-term relationships with our partners which help unlock potential.


Whether you choose tower sharing or B2S, you get an on-air experience that is as efficient, and effortless for you, as possible.

Our values and approach