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"At the heart of Helios Towers’ strategy is a determination to build a genuinely sustainable business."

This means a business with a model sufficiently robust to grow with the needs of its customers; and that treads as lightly as possible in its environments; and that meets its commitments to people, whether through being an excellent employer or acting as a sensitive neighbour in its various communities.

Our proposition

Our proposition to customers is itself rooted in sustainability, through the efficient use of resources. By enabling tenants to share our towers, we are concentrating multiple technologies and operations onto a single piece of infrastructure.

In turn, this will typically require only one power supply (and therefore lower emissions), and single rather than duplicated maintenance journeys to our 6,500+ tower locations, saving thousands of road miles a year.

For our host landscapes, a single tower also means a lesser visual impact. Indeed in some cases, our colocation model makes certain towers surplus to requirements, and they can be taken down.

The environment

Helios Towers is essentially a power/real estate company, and like any industrial power provider we cause emissions that contribute to climate change. Principally, these come from the consumption of diesel to power our generators.

We have made it a priority to find technical solutions and innovations that will minimise our impact in this area. This has included installing solar and hybrid technologies and, where possible, connecting to electrical grids as we look for solutions to improve on diesel-only power.

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